Vehicle for furlough....

27/06/2014 20:13

My dad and brother in law just picked up our vehicle. The Lord provided a great vehicle for us. For those who are curious it is a 2005 GMC Yukon XL with seating for 8. It was in the right place (Chicago). We are landing there and heading to my sister's home. It was also only a few miles from a supporting church with some guys who were willing to examine it for us. It was the right time. My parents were visiting my sister's family and because dad is registered on our bank account he was able to pay for the vehicle. It was the right price. The owner gave us a great price on a really good vehicle. 

So, PRAISE THE LORD. We are getting the landing gear down for furlough. Thanks for your prayers.

PS. The weather forecast is good for our ministry opportunity tomorrow.