Very busy week....

14/05/2022 13:14

This has been a very busy week. We enjoyed hosting a pastor's fellowship on Tuesday night with Layton Kelly as a speaker. We didn't have record attendance. However, we had what God has always given, a wonderfully refreshing time. It was good to be together and to be encouraged by brother Kelly's testimony and preaching.

On the home front, we've got a big project. We are replacing a rotten retaining wall (railway sleepers) with a block wall. In total it is over 100 feet long and about 2 feet high. I've ordered 17000 pounds worth of block (330 of them in total.) We've also got 11 bulk bags of rock, sand and soil. Your prayers are much appreciated as we take on a big landscaping project. :)

God gave us a fun divine appointment this morning as we met a young couple who are born again. They live very close to our church but attend another Gospel ministry. They hope to get together with us in the near future. They were aware of us as they found us online during the pandemic and had read through our doctrinal statement with appreciation. They had seen some of the journey vides we did during lockdown.

We also witnessed to two women this morning. Please pray that God will work in these hearts. It's amazing how much God loves people. He reached out to them through us this morning and we want to be faithful to reach out again as needed.

God's good. Thanks for praying.