Very busy....

07/02/2022 15:58

Thank you for your prayers for our busy Sunday. It was a great day and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We left our house at 8:45AM and returned home around 8:30PM. 

God gave us a a very special day. First of all a young married couple visited the church. A man in our church had invited them about 6 weeks ago. They really enjoyed their time with us and stayed for the fellowship meal after the morning service.

I preached yesterday morning from Deuteronomy 30, Chose Life. Sunday School was David introducing Goliath to the Lord of Hosts.

We drove about a half hour away in the afternoon to fill pulpit for Pastor Dillman who is on a short trip to the States. Praise the Lord there was a good turnout to church even though 2:30 is not their normal service schedule. We returned to collect some children and have our evening service.

Today God gave me a great divine appointment in a village about 30 miles from our home. This village, Gullane, is surrounded by a links Golf Course which has been the field of play for the British Open. The man I witnessed to has a home that looks out on the course. He said jokingly that Sundays are for golf. I spoke with him for at least 15 minutes. Please pray that God will awaken Ken's heart. I'm thankful God had me there this morning.