"Views from the Pews"

23/08/2017 11:33

The Lord has given me the opportunity to contribute an article for a column in our local newspaper once or twice a year. The article which I wrote came out today. Please pray that God will use it to peak people's curiosity to read the Bible. I'll attach a photo of the article below and if I remember, will link the online article next week when it become available.

Please continue to pray with us for a permanent location for our church. God's given us a great temporary location which has been a huge blessing to our ministry. But, one of our long term goals is to find God's provision for a permanent home for our church. We had a meeting with an individual today regarding that desire. Nothing may come from this discussion but it may lead to an open door. There is a great possiblity just now - so, please pray.

The Lord gave me a good divine appointment yesterday as I took my boys fishing. Please pray for Harris. He is a chinese student studying in England. He was on holiday up in Scotland with a friend of his. We had a great chat about God and Budha (Idolatry). He asked some really good questions. I told him that idolatry "worships something that you have made. If you have made it, then you are greater than it. As a Christian, I worship the God who made me." He is also strongly bound to his religion because of ancestry. I told him that his ancestors whether in Heaven or Hell would want him more than anything to know the Creator. I said, "The best way to honor your ancestors would be to get to know God." Please pray that God will open His eyes. I'll put a picture below of Parker with a fish he caught yesterday and a fun rainbow picture from a few days ago.

God's good. We know that He has a perfect plan for us daily and for the future of Free Baptist Church. Thanks for praying!