19/04/2012 21:36

The Lord gave us a great midweek service tonight.  The Hikins, Skye and Michael were present.  Michael is the young man who contacted us this week after receiving a flyer.  As it turned out, he lives in flats in a building which I have only occasionally gotten into. I got into it this week and he received our flyer. He left tonight with a discipleship book and told us that he will see us Sunday morning.  Please pray for this young man.  We are excited about God's evident hand at work in his life.

This morning Benson and I assisted the Vogelpohls in unloading their container.  4 other men were able to help and their things are now moved into their house.  Please pray for them as they unpack and soon move into their house.  (The house is having some repairs but it is nearly finished.)  God has allowed them to rent a home that will be a blessing to their family. 

Tomorrow we are heading to Dundee to visit Kirk and Carrie.  We are excited to spend some time with them.  We are also going to help their pastor, Sandy Edgar, put out some flyers for their church.  They just started the church last fall. Please pray for divine appointments/contacts and that God will keep the rain away.  He did today.  It started raining hard just as we were finishing.  Thanks for taking these needs to the Lord.  You are impacting our ministry.