visitor back

30/04/2017 13:51

It was joy to have our visitor from last Sunday back with us today. We had a good morning. I preached this morning a continuation from the message last week on Joel 2:12-13.

Benson was my door to door partner yesterday. I told him as we knocked on doors, "I feel like I am a part of the community when I know 3 of the people who answered their doors this morning." We love Loanhead and are thankful for the many friends He has given us here.

One of the things that we are still praying about as a church is a permanent location for our ministry. We are very thankful for where we meet. It is a great location. Those who manage the property have been very gracious to our ministry. We'll be happy to be in this location as long as God intends. However, in the long term goals of church planting, there is an awareness that we need a permanent church home. We also realize that we could do more if we had a building 24/7. So, please continue to pray for God's guidance and provision in that regard.