Visitors :)

20/02/2013 22:10

Thank you for praying for visitors. We had visitors in attendance tonight. And, we had a great conclusion to our week. The Lord gave strength to Evangelist Van Gelderen's voice. Our church folks were really encouraged with the meetings. The love offering we were able to give to God's servant was excellent. Our attendance was great.... (when my brain is working better I'll try to tally how many total people attended services this week.) Please continue to pray for Brother John's health. We are leaving for the airport before 5 AM for his flight to Spain for an evangelistic meeting there beginning tomorrow night. Would you please ask the Lord to completely restore his voice?

Thank you for your part in praying for these meetings.  God has done an evident work and this has been a great help to our ministry. You have been a part of it. May the Lord bless you for your labor of love.