Warm hearts

24/03/2013 13:51

Well.....the cold continues as we experience the coldest weekend in March in 50 years. That is a record I hope never to enjoy breaking again. But, the Lord gave us a warm hearted time together this morning.

Adelle has taken a few weeks with Easter to share the Easter story. The children heard about the crucifixion this morning. It was just Mark and I in the adult class and we enjoyed going to the Lord in prayer. In the morning service, I preached on the prophecy of Jesus as found in Luke 21. It's amazing how the signs of the times are all about us. That passage contains a good challenge to faithfulness in day's of persecution and an exhortation to look up for the Lord's return.

This evening we will look at a "Sermon in Shoes" (actually sandals) from the Acts 3 story of the lame man. Thanks for praying for our ministry. God is at work in answer to your prayers.