Watching paint dry....

25/04/2020 11:43

God has helped us with a project this past week as we've had constant sunshine. It's pretty rare in Scotland to get a string of sunny days with very little cloud cover. That sunshine has gerated a bit of heat (50's) allowing us to paint our garage inside. We have a cement floor and block walls. Even with the "heat" it has taken 2-3 days between coats of paint. Meanwhile all of our stuff is in our driveway. :) I'm looking forward to getting everything moved back into the freshly painted garage.

Our lives haven't slowed down much since isolation. Recording and uploading messages plus our Zoom services are keeping us very busy. I had one divine appointment yesterday which was refreshing amidst lock down. Please pray for God to work in that man's heart. 

Here are the links to our services last night.

Study in James

Kid's Class

Thanks for praying.