We are getting there.

05/11/2012 18:27

We are nearly moved into our home. There are still some piles of boxes in a couple rooms and some storage needed. But, we are getting there.  I picked up a nice futon today for our office/guest bedroom. The Lord gave me a good opportunity to speak to the German lady who was selling it as I took it apart. She said that Germany is half agnostic and half Catholic. She was agnostic.

We had a good Sunday yesterday. I preached on "Carest Thou Not" from the passage of the calming of the storm. We had good attendance and a good spirit. Last night we enjoyed a singspiration/ praise service. At the end of the time we observed the Lord's Supper. We had a good "family" time.

Tonight is "Guy Fox" night.  He tried to bomb the parliament in London and they remember him (not so nicely) by burning things. It's like July 4 in the States. We are going to fireworks with some Christian friends in the area.