We are home!

29/07/2023 17:18

Our family enjoyed a break as we got away on a holiday to England and then a week in Germany. The first week was spent on the Isle of Sheppey. God gave us some fun experiences. A highlight was our day in London... where we got to see King Charles as he left his palace. 

In Germany, we attended Baptist World Mission family camp. The preaching, teaching and fellowship was refreshing. This week is always a spiritual highlight of our year. 

It's good to be home. We look forward to getting back at it. Thank you for your prayers and there should now be more frequent updates. :)

PS. I did a video of Prince Charles' departure. Although we could see into the car well, the windows reflected. So, this image is a screen shot after he had driven past. You may spot Benson sitting on the fence in the second picture, Katie is to the right of him. :)