We are still here.... despite the wind...

31/12/2017 13:07

I'm sorry for the radio silence. God gave us a great Christmas Carol Sing service. The attendance was good, about 30, and there was a great spirit. The kids did a fabulous job with their songs and their short recitation of Scripture. 

We had a wonderful family Christmas despite a bit of the sickness bug that seems to be a regular part of a family Christmas. (That is what I remember growing up.) We are mostly better. Mac has had it the worst. Katie stayed home with him this morning but hopes to take him this evening.

We have very windy weather here today. I'm not sure what the highest gusts have been, but I'll put a screenshot from my weather app below for your amusement. God gave us a great morning. I preached on Grace Giving from 2 Corinthians 8. Tonight we are showing the film, "Sheffey." Please pray that many will come out and here the Gospel through this film. Many have been invited. Thanks for your prayers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!