Weather report :)

18/01/2018 12:24

Don and I were able to get out yesterday. However, we weren't able to go where we attempted to go at first because the roads were drifted and impassable. (Sounds adventurous....) Where we turned around there was a police car with a woman in the back who had taken her car down a hill and through a fence. We ended up doing flyers in Bilston, a village very close to our church location.

Please pray for Don and Chris. Don has hurt his back and at the same time Chris has hurt her neck. In other better news, God has brought an elderly woman visitor to their church plant in New Bridge.

The kids have enjoyed sledging (sledding) again and have enjoyed the 3-4 inches of snow that came down this week. It's been an enjoyable winter as we have gotten two significant snowstorms thus far.

Thanks for your prayers.