weather, weather and more weather

18/11/2020 11:58

It's Scotland, so windy and wet is generally to be expected. Of our 4 Sunday in person services since our return, 3 have been rain events as we load and unload. It has definitely been wet and windy this week. I was able to put flyers out on Monday in my home area. Yesterday morning I was rained out. I was able to get out this morning for just over an hour before getting rained out. (I love weather and so Scotland weather does not disappoint me.)

God did give me a wonderful divine appointment this morning. I was able to speak with an older woman and share the Gospel with her. The encouragement came when I remembered a conversation I had this past year at the same house with her adult son. Please pray for God's blessing on His Word at that address. He is obviously at work there.

Thanks for praying for God's working in our area.