Web Work

03/10/2014 14:10

I have been working this week on developing a new webpage for our sending church in Hudson, WI. The new address is www.bbchudson.com if you would like to view it. We have found that our personal mission's page and our church page are invaluable tools. If you don't have a webpage, let me encourage you to try developing a page for your church with the program that we have used - webnode It is free unless you want to pay for a premium package. We do the mini package which is about 40 dollars a year. You can also register a domain with them, that is your web address, for 15 or 30 dollars annually.

I'm not being paid to advertise for them. I just know that it is an easy program that has worked well for me. Please check out our church page as well. www.freebaptistchurch.org

The Lord gave me a great witnessing opportunity with a man yesterday. Please pray that Tony will take the Gospel to heart. We had a great conversation and I hope someday to see him in Heaven. Our missions conference is going very well. I'd appreciate your prayers for me as I preach again on Sunday. Thanks for your help in our ministry. Prayer is vital to what God has called us to do.