week in review

17/03/2024 13:33

This was a utility week to push forward on the building. I did get out in evangelism with Pastor Dillman on Wednesday over in his area. We didn't have any opportunities to speak with anyone, but we put out several hundred Gospel flyers.

Otherwise, the Lord allowed us to finish the back wall of the sanctuary. One of our prayer requests when seeking a property was that it would be, "Beautiful." God has answered that prayer on the outside and on the inside of the building. We're so thankful for God's leading, provision and grace.

We didn't have record attendance this morning, but God sent us a visitor. The husband of one of our members joined us for his first time. That was a joy to all of us and we hope that we'll see him come more regularly.

I preached this morning on the Gospel as I preached from 2 Cor. 4:1-11 on Jesus Seen In You. Please pray for us to make Jesus manifest in our mortal flesh as Paul did. It was a good reminder.

This week on Tuesday, Pastor Wesley Waddle and a team from Nolansville Baptist Church will be with us. Please pray for God to bless all of our labours whether church building works, evangelism, or church ministry. Next Sunday their team is going to share salvation testimonies in SS, Pastor Waddle is preaching the AM and anothe man in the group is preaching in the evening. We look forward to what God is going to do. Thanks for your prayers.