West Linton

14/11/2018 11:18

I was back in West Linton yesterday putting out our Gospel flyer. I was reminded that men's hearts seem to be getting even harder against God. It hardly seems possible, but it does at times seem that way. I had a man accost me yesterday as I passed back up his street. He said, "Are you the one putting THIS (not his words) through my mail slot?" (Note: I had just had a man yell at me for putting a flyer through his mail slot - he didn't really care what kind of a flyer it was. That was just a block and a few doors away from this one.) I was kind to him but had to say at one point, "If you touch me I will call the police." He was bumping me with his belly and pushing against me. I had another man blaspheme Jesus. Praise God I had one good conversation with a man who is open. Please pray that this dear older man will find God's gift of everlasting life.

This flyer in particular seems to be hitting a nerve and I say, "Praise God." Our church received hate mail from this flyer this past week threating us with turning us into the police if any more flyers were received. Interestingly the person didn't include their name or address. Please pray that God will graciously awaken men's hearts with His truth. Their hatred is for Him. Praise God He loves them still and they can get saved if they will take His loving offer.

Satan is attacking our outreach and again I say, "Praise God." We had a man scream at one of our door to door teams this past week for leaving his gate open as they came to knock on his door. He didn't scream at himself for letting his dog out of the door and thereby out of his gate. Again, pray for this dear man who needs Jesus. Our team apologized but he was also rightly rebuked for speaking as he did towards women. Please pray that God will awaken his heart and that God will give us GREAT FRUIT where Satan is opposing the Gospel.

On an encouraging note - God encouraged me yesterday as I walked up to a home and happened to look over at the home I had just left - someone was walking back into the kitchen obviously reading the flyer. (That is what it is all about - amen?)