What a blur!

15/11/2017 16:47

The last few days all run together. Josh and his son were a tremendous blessing. I'll try to list the projects that Josh and I (helping him - mostly handing him tools) did while he was here. Installed lights in boys room, school room, bathroom, outdoor motion scensor, 2 in living room, repaired two toilets which meant removing them completely, put down a vinyl laminate flooring, assembled one bathroom vanity and installed it, installed another vanity, Installed a couple electrical outlets,.... 

God was very good to us and Josh was very kind to take his time, effort, etc. We were also able to get in a couple small outings in Edinburgh making it a great short trip for he and his son. Thank you for your prayers. God's hand was evident every day as He helped us with some things that could have really slowed down the work that was accomplished.

(Below is a picture of the new flooring in our entry hallway (not trimmed in yet) and proof from outside our house that we were working.)