What a fun day!

15/01/2023 14:14

I am loving our church family more and more and am very thankful that everyone was able to be back in church today and nobody was out with illness. The only regular missing this morning was my wife as she is still in the States. I'm thankful for the solide core group God has given us and we enjoyed our time together this morning.

This was our second SS watching the film, "Sheffey." Every time I watch this film it stirs me and I'm thankful for these three times we can be challenged by Sheffey's life.

I preached a message this morning on, "Unrealistic Obedience Expected" from Leveticus 25:17-22. I put this description statement on our sermon audio account, "Sometimes human reasoning argues against obeying God. But, if we give into human reasoning instead of obedience, we miss the blessing God has for those who take Him at His Word."

I'm caring for my boys and so I'm not doing my outreach ministries just now, but I'm still handing out tracts in normal life. I had a short witnessing opportunity with a young lady yesterday. I did make a new brochure advertising our new location in Loanhead. I look forward to putting this out once the property purchase is finalised. Thanks for all your prayers. They are much appreciated.