What a great day!

23/09/2018 15:32

We had a wonderful time together in the house of God this morning. God gave us a very special Sunday. We baptized a boy who trusted Jesus as His Saviour at the end of our HBC in Loanhead. He and his mom have become a faithful part of our church. It was a special blessing to have his father in church today. Praise God! A family from another church visited to be a blessing to this young man and his mother as well.

We also baptized a young man in his 20's who accepted Jesus as His Saviour in the past 6 months. He has been looking for a church and God brought him to our church this past Sunday. Praise God he wanted to follow the Lord in believer's baptism. Please pray for God's continued blessing in His life. It's too hard to tell in total - but God brought him back into contact last Sunday with a young man who was a classmate. They have both gotten saved and this other young man was just baptized a few months ago. He has just moved back up to Edinburgh from London and is looking for a church. It was a joy to have him in church this morning to be there for his friend at his baptism. (Isn't that cool?)

It was an incredibly gorgeous day which is a special blessing as we baptize outdoors. God is so very good!

God put on my heart, Acts 8:26-40 for the message today as I preached a message on "Be A Good Evangelist." It is wonderful to see the Spirit of God orchestrating Gospel appointments in the book of Acts. This passage is the story of the Ethiopean Eunuch.