When it rains....

06/11/2012 21:12

Well my life is anything but dull just now. We found out last night that my sister in law is going to have the baby soon.  (Yes we are all excited.) So, this morning we took Katie up to Dundee to help Kirk and Carrie.  Please pray for Carrie.  This is their first. (You can pray for Kirk as well.) They are in a holding pattern right now waiting to go to the hospital.

The rest of the day was pretty normal except for me getting to play Mr. Mom. That is that it was normal until tonight. The Lord gave a great opportunity to share the Gospel with a good friend from the community. We talked for two hours at our house. After that it was normal until I was changing my youngest and noticed water dripping from the ceiling in the bathroom. Fortunately it was a slow drip and not pouring and the Lord helped me to notice it. The faucet upstairs is leaking.  As I was cleaning that up my second youngest came in clutching his stomach and crying. I will spare you the details but he has since been sick. (I am smiling but would not mind at all if you prayed for God's grace for our family.)

Tonight Mark Hikin and I were supposed to have a prayer meeting. Mark showed up at the door as all of the excitement was going on. Obviously the Lord had other plans for tonight. (I hope that there are no further updates needed. :) (With the exception of the details about the baby of course.) Thanks for praying.