Where are they going to park?

11/07/2012 16:05

That was the second question Logan asked.  The first was, "What are they going to do with their dogs?"  He is a little perplexed how people with dogs could come to the church.  And if they all came, he's not sure where they would park.  Katie told him, "They can leave their dogs at home and they aren't all going to come." Then he asked, "Then why are we giving them these?" (Don't you love the logic of kids?)

 We were putting out HBT invitations again today. We had good weather to get out. We saw blue sky (mind you it was only a very small spot in the sky) but it was the first time since last Wednesday. We are actually under a flood warning today.  

The Hikins are moving today and it is a blessing that the rain has held off. They will be much closer to the church and in a very nice area.  So, we are thanking the Lord for His provision.

I had a witnessing opportunity this morning as I went to the Dr.'s office. I met with a medical student first.  Since the Dr. was not ready, we had a good chat about why we believe in God. He didn't say much but he is a good listener.  I hope he'll take what was shared to heart.