Where two or three are gathered together...

25/11/2012 14:13

As we've started the church, we've often quoted that verse and we have found it to be absolutely true. (I know you are not surprised.) The Lord met with us this morning although we were not a large group. The Hikin family is experiencing some illness and were unable to attend today. Constance missed her bus and had to wait an hour for the next one. We were happy to see her at the end of the service. (She was able to join us for lunch.) So, it was Adele, Alec and our family this morning.

I preached on the cross from I Peter 2:24-25. The Lord enabled and if no one else was blessed by the message, it spoke to my heart.  We looked at His humiliation, substitution, incarnation and crucifixion. We also saw our identification, resurrection, restoration and submission.

I'm praying about what we will do tonight for our service. We may have a prayer and praise service.  Thanks for praying for our ministry.