Where two or three or twelve....

19/03/2017 13:01

We were down in attendance today as twelve regulars were away on holiday. But, we had a first time (on a Sunday) adult visitor attend who came with her two daughters. The daughters have regularly attended our church. Their mom has come for the last two Thursday nights. We're excited and hope she continues to come. 

I preached this morning on the Sheep and Goat Judgment from Matthew 25. It is a sobering judgment as the dividing line is put down the middle and eternal separation takes place. If you haven't studied the passage, it was a good study for me. I believe it is a judgment that takes place at the second coming of Christ and has to do with how God's Jewish preachers (brethren) were treated in the tribulation period by the saved (sheep) and the goats (lost). It's a convicting passage and I trust God used it in our hearts this morning.

Mac and Nelson were my door to door helpers.  (Katie was away at a ladies' prayer breakfast.) I knew the woman who answered the door at the first house and she asked me if I was babysitting. :) Mac doesn't normally do door to door with me - but it would be hard to refuse receiving something from a cute two year old. (I'll have to consider always having him with me!)

Thank you for praying for our family and ministry.