Where two or three....

27/08/2017 12:38

We had several more than two or three in church today, but not by a whole lot more than that. God gave us a good morning despite lower than normal attendance. It was great to have Lilliana and Inis back with us after nearly a month away in Portugal. We had another man back visiting with us this morning as well. Illness has really affect our attendance the last two months. Please pray for everyone to be well.

I preached this morning a message from I John on "The 'Ifs" in Our Walk With God." John challenges us to walk with God but has some bad "ifs" and good "ifs" in the text. We had a good service.

The youth activity on Friday was a lot of fun. We made paper airplanes and made a landing target for them. There were different points depending on where you landed. The kids had a great time. Thanks for praying.