"Where were Adam and Eve?"

30/12/2018 13:05

That was what the six year old boy asked my wife when she said, "Cain killed Able." That is humuerous and a very good question from an inquisitive little boy. He just got saved two weeks ago. Katie has him in her children's class for 6 and under during our morning service.

God gave us a good morning despite illness. Several of us were there this morning despite colds. Some could not come because of colds. Lord willing, we will all be well soon. I enjoyed preaching a topical message this morning on sanctification, entitled "Keep the New Year Clean."  

Tomorrow night is a special service at our church as we enjoy a New Years Eve family film night. We're going to show the BJU Unusual film production, "The Printing." 

Thank you for praying for our ministry. God gave us an encouraging start to today.