Wind and rain....

11/03/2021 13:15

Wind and rain has been the weather story of this week. We had a low pressure system move through on Tuesday and have a second one passing through just now. I was able to get out yesterday morning and do flyers. I only spoke with one man and it was a brief conversation. I said, "Your generation does not believe in God." I found out he was a year younger than me which makes it, "Our generation." (I can't see myself when I'm talking and forget that I'm looking older these days.)

I'm very thankful for God's help with The Journey and appreciate your prayers. The live streams are going well - praise the LORD. The segment for today was, "Righteous God." Interestingly, God's holiness is a source of great security for us.

One recent blessing from the livestream is connecting with some young people who used to attend our church. One girl (16) in particular is asking when we are going to be meeting again. Please pray for her. She attended our church for a couple years and stopped coming about 3 years ago. Several other former attendees have "liked" the posts. Praise the Lord. Thank you for praying.