Wish you were here....

10/10/2017 21:40

The Lord gave us a very good service tonight and we thank Him for His enablement and help. Pastor Gleiser preached tonight on some very bold words of the Lord Jesus from John 14:6. If you want to hear a very clear presentation of God's way of salvation, you can listen in to what was shared this evening.

It's been a very unusual day. Please pray for an unspoken prayer request for a member of our church. We are doing our best to help them with a very important need. Also, later this afternoon as we were just half a mile from home (after showing our guests some sights) we were the first ones on the scene of a pretty serious car accident. A car was on it's side with two elderly woman in the front seats. The Lord allowed us to help them as we waited for emergency vehicles to arrive. Please pray for these ladies that God would comfort them this evening. Praise the Lord both seem to be well.

God's been very good to us this week. Thank you for participating with us in prayer.