Witnessing in Edinburgh

19/06/2012 19:23

The Lord gave many good opportunities today as I went into Edinburgh. It seems everyone was in a good mood because of the fair weather.  It was a really nice day. It is almost hard to remember each person I chatted with because the opportunities to chat were abundant.  I gave a flyer to the most pierced lady in the world.  I was glad to speak with her briefly and let her know that I had prayed that I'd get a chance to talk with her.  Her face is covered with piercings. Please pray that God will work in her heart and that I'll have a future follow up opportunity.

I chatted with a mother and two daughters from Maryland.  We talked for 20 minutes. I spoke with Mark next (after a brief chat with a man from Germany).  Mark is born again but not currently attending a church. He lives in a village about 20 miles from Loanhead.  He could come to our church if he wanted to.  Please pray that God will work in his heart.

Neil (22) and Robin (17) were sitting on a park bench a little ways from there. Neither of them had ever though much about eternity or God. We had a fun chat and I hope the Gospel will take root in their hearts.

David (16) is open and thinking.  He chatted with me for about 20 minutes and allowed me to show him some passages of Scripture.  I took him to Psalm 22 and showed him what the Bible said about the crucifixion 1000 years before it happened.

There were other opportunities that God gave.  I spoke to atheists, agnostics, catholics, evolutionists, theistic evolutionists, etc.  Please pray that God will guard the seed that was sown in these hearts.