witnessing opportunities

23/06/2021 16:25

God has given some good opportunities to speak with people this week. Tommy and I put out flyers in Loanhead yesterday. We met a 27 year old young man who said that his brother has just started going to church. He seemed open to visiting our church. We witnessed briefly to one other man whom I know in the community. He's hard against God, but I'm praying that God will work in his heart.

Today, Don and I put out flyers near their church location in front of a Mall entrance. God gave me an opportunity to sit on a bench with a 62 year old woman who attended her brother's funeral yesterday. Please pray that God will awaken Janice's heart. Satan doesn't want her to get saved. A friend called her while we were chatting and invited her over for a drink. I was showing her Bible verses and the Gospel presentation was ended by that call.

I also had a good opportunity with a 21 year old man and a girl in her late teens. The young man said that he would look at the Journey. At the beginning of our conversation I asked him what he was trusting in to go to Heaven. I really think he had never thought about it before. Again, please pray for God to awaken these hearts.

Thank you for praying for divine appointments.