Witnessing with Don....

30/11/2016 13:29

Don and I got out in his new area of Newbridge. He and his wife are starting a Bible study to help start a church there. We had some good divine appointments as we put out flyers and knocked on doors. One man who is anti-religion was attentive as I shared with him some information about God's judgment on false religion in Revelation 14. (I was prepared for that conversation because I am preaching through Rev on Thursday nights and we are in Chapter 14 this Thursday.) I hope he will pick up a Bible and read Revelation himself.

Brandon was another opportunity. He is a young man in his 20's who professed to be an atheist. We spoke to him for over 10 minutes and he is probably thinking things he never thought about before. Please pray that God will awaken his heart.

As we knocked on doors Don had a couple good opportunities to share the Gospel. Please pray expecially for a lady in her late 60's. She is church of Scotland but isn't saved. But, she said to us, "Now my mother in law is in her 90's and she is one of those born again Christians." We told her that she could have that same confidence if she would take Christ as her Saviour. 

Please pray that God will bless the flyers we put out introducing the idea of a Baptist Church in Newbridge.