Wonderful Day

17/02/2013 21:04

The Lord gave us a wonderful day. God has given us a great opportunity and we greatly benefited from Evangelist John Van Gelderen's ministry today. God's hand was evident in all our services. This evening we had a visitor who expressed an intent to keep coming. He's recently moved back to Scotland. 

Now we are praying for the evangelistic meetings which begin tomorrow at 2:00PM Easter Standard Time. With regard to that please pray for....

1) God to manifest His presence.

2) Visitors to come to the services.

3) Satan to be kept from hindering.

4) We have 3 in our family who are ill. Another family has a couple who are ill. One young man is also ill. Please pray for God to raise these up and to protect others from this illness.

We need your prayers. We are entirely dependent upon God to do what we can not do. Thanks for your assistance as we seek God's blessing this week.