Wonderful Divine Appointment

25/02/2020 13:04

I was able to get out today and put out Gospel flyers. The weather has been very fierce. It snowed all of yesterday morning. It was cold this morning, but right now the sun has come out.

God gave me a wonderful divine appointment with a lady who was saved about a year ago. She thanked me for the flyer and said that she was looking for a church. I will be suprised if we don't see her visit our church soon. Please pray for God to meet her need and direct her according to His perfect will. Her testimony was that she had everything and that she had nothing. She had a big void in her life before she came to the Lord. Praise God for His grace at work in her life.

I met another sweet Christian lady at a bus stop as I was walking past. God has encouraged me today and I'm thankful. God still has his "7,000." (Romans 11)