Wonderful morning for my wife to turn ____________

05/05/2019 13:25

I want to deviate from my normal posts just for a second and say, HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!!!!! I'm so thankful for the companion of my youth. God has blessed me richly and I thank God for His great goodness. 

God gave us a wonderful morning. We had a visiting minister, (Pastor Simeon Hudson) his wife and their friend this morning. They are serving the Lord in Argentina but are from the USA. (North Carolina) 

There are many ways in which we are watching God work in our ministry. Thank you for praying for Karen's cancer treatments. She has one left and is feeling pretty good after this last one. Praise God. Please pray that God will use these treatments to heal her of the cancer. Lord willing, the family without a vehicle will be able to acquire one this week. Meanwhile, another man in our church drove an hour to provide a way for them to attend church this morning. Praise God - they were there and someone stepped up to do something for God.

I preached this morning on, Get Behind God for Victory from I Samuel 5. David got behind God as he went into battle and God gave the victory. There are 5 things that David did that helped him get behind God. 

1.) He prayed.

2.) He got a promise from God.

3.) He got God's battle plan.

4.) He stirred himself up to fight.

5.) He destroyed everything to do with the enemy.

It is a great formula for victory as we get ourselves behind God. Thank you for your prayers for our ministry. You have blessed our church and we thank you.