Wonderful Tournament!

21/05/2016 21:27

Lord willing, I will give a much better update tomorrow by way of photo's. The Lord gave us a great day. The weather was unsettled (all around us) but for the vast majority of the day it was rain free. We ended with a heavy down pour but it did not effect our time and was a fun ending.

If I just stated the attendance of the tournament you may misunderstand and think that we did not have God's blessing on our day. But, that would be a misinterpretation of the great grace of God to us. We had another missionary bring 5 guys. We had a number of kids from our church and 7 other young people who came. All told, we had around 35 five total people present. I'm very thankful for all the missionaries and fellow believers who came from other ministires to help us run this tournament. We had the perfect group. (Picture below.)

I took a screen shot when I got up this morning which will reveal God's goodness in protecting us from most of the raindrops. We very much appreciate your prayers and thank you for your part in what has been a great, great, day!