Wonderful Wedding

07/10/2018 13:19

God gave us a a wonderful wedding yesterday. Thank you for praying for Jamie and Rebekah's wedding. God blessed in every detail. Praise His Name. (I'll put a couple photo's below.)

The Lord gave us a good morning as well. It was good to have some former church attendees with us for a visit as they were up visiting from England. 

I preached this morning on Ezekiel 14, That They May Be My People. Separation is not juat a NT teaching as the OT is full of good passages like this one. God didn't want part of His people's heart. He wanted all of their heart. 

Tonight we are going to have a special communion service. We are going to obsere the Lord's table with pictures from Israel, Scripture reading and hymn singing. We do this occassionaly and it is a good focus upon the death of our Lord. 

We very much appreciate your prayers. Thank you for your part in this very special weekend of ministry.

Below: My bride and the bride, Rebekah, who was a wonderful part of our church. We'll miss her at our services. However, we are so very thankful that God has given her a Godly husband.