Working ahead....

10/11/2015 09:02

We are excited that Katie's mum and dad will be with us this next week. They arrive this Saturday morning. So, I am trying to get ahead in my studying in preparation for their time with us.

Thankfully, the weather is not nice. We have had wind and rain since Sunday. That makes it a bit easier to sit in my study and get much accomplished. I have had really good study time the last couple of weeks. Thank you for praying. 

Katie and Laura enjoyed the ladies' retreat in Ireland. There were 38 ladies who were able to come. That was an amazing turnout as about half of the ladies came for their first time.

We'd appreciate your prayers for our upcoming outreach opportunities. We have our annual Carol Sing Service on Christmas Eve. I'm preparing a Christmas flyer which will contain that announcement. I'll upload some copies to the webpage soon. We also have Evangelist Barry Webb coming in January. He and his wife will be a great blessing. Our meetings with them will be the 10th-14th of January. Please pray as I prepare a flyer for that week as well. I plan on distributing both flyers at the same time.