Wow.... it's hot!

19/05/2014 11:54

We've had wonderful weather for the past several days. Today is wonderfully warm. I just got back from putting out flyers all morning. The Lord gave me an awesome follow up opportunity. 15 minutes after I started putting flyers out I saw Gavin whom I met last week. I told him that I was looking for him on Sunday. He had a pretty good excuse as he was in Glasgow all day as his daughter was in a karate competition. Please pray that Gavin would sense God's hand in our meeting again. I was able to call him by name and tell him that I've been praying for him.

The only other interesting thing was something that I'd love to see on candid camera or CCTV. Some of the flats I went into were confusing because their stairs were on the opposite side. But, to confuse you more as you walked down the hallway there were solid walls on both sides and you couldn't see the stairs. Normally you'd turn around the end of these and walk up the stairs on the right. I turned the corner and put my foot up and ran into a wall. I had a good laugh at myself.

I enjoyed listening to Evangelist Steve Petit as I walked this morning. He had a great message on ministering to 18-24 year olds. It was really insightful and a good reminder to try to reach that age group. That is one of my favorite ages with whom to engage in conversation as I'm out and about.