wow - that was a quick trip!

31/01/2024 21:08

We had a whirlwind trip this week to London to get our passports renewed. Normally, we could drive 10 miles from our home to the consulate. But, they decided to renovate the building and it was not going to open again until April. Kay Lee and John's wedding is in May, so.... waiting wasn't an option.

We enjoyed the trip. On Monday we drove 6 hours to Boston, England. Amanda Baker, a good friend of our's, hosted us (and our dog) at her house. We left there yesterday morning at 4:00 AM (without the dog) to drive into the heart of London. The renewal process went well and we were finished there before 10:00 AM. So, on the way back to Amanda's, we had a walk about Caimbridge and enjoyed seeing the beautiful college properties.

While with Amanda, we also had fellowship time with her co-workers, Joshua and Melissa Booth and their cute son, Logan. That was an extra blessing.

We added 1.5 hours to our trip back home today and went to a chair manufacturer to consider chairs for our sanctuary. This manufacturer was on the top of my list (compiled last week) and I realised that their location was nearly on our way. We found 3 good possibilities and think we know the one we'd like to get if God green lights this for us. Please pray for wisdom and God's provision as needed.

We made it home today in good time for our service this evening. We're very thankful for God's protection on our travels. In 20 hours of travel, we had about 4-5 hours where the windscreen wipers were off. Today we also had very high winds and a wind warning in effect. God's good. Thank you for your prayers - even when you may not fully know our plans for our week.

(pictures - notice the tower bridge in the background of the pic. We drove into the heart of London to go to the US embassy.)