Wow - the weather is glorious!

24/06/2018 12:51

We have had better than average weather this year in Scotland. This week to come is going to be a very summer like week as we will be in he low 70's. This is hot here as our normal day averages in the low 60's and often we are in the upper 50's. Praise the Lord for refreshing weather!

God blessed our day today. I had the joy of listening to a 13 year old tell me that she had gotten saved. I went through the Gospel with her on Thursday. She said that she wants to be baptized. Please pray that God will guard her as a new young believer. 

I preached this morning on "Prayer that Makes a Difference" from James 5. God has given us a great weapon to wield for Him. I'll ask you what I asked our church this morning, "Are you making a difference in prayer?"

We've seen God answer prayer this past week. I started the message sharing a story of something lost that God helped us find this week. He also kept the weather for all three of our outdoor events this week. He gave grace to make those ministries fun and not burdensome. He helped us accomplish everything else we needed to do despite a heavier workload. Thank you for your part in lifting those burdens in prayer.