WOW - What a great week!

19/10/2023 21:00

I'm sorry for the, "radio siilence." We have been incredibly busy and loving every minute of it. Crooked Creek Baptist Church has been a tremendous blessing. The team and some of our church family put out around 4,000 flyers. We worked on the church property. Brother Jennings preached two services on Sunday and in SS all ten of the team members shared their salvation testimony. 

They helped us run a 3 day Holiday Bible Club for the October school break and we had a great week. God just did far more than we could have imagined. I believe we had 46 people in attendance (including the mission team) for our film night last night. You can imagine that we loved every minute of it.

Please pray for those who came. We love each one and hope to see some of them out for our church meetings. Please pray that our church can continue to be a spiritual blessing to their lives.

Thank you for praying ! God's hand was so evident. 

Please pray for the mission team as they are supposed to depart this Saturday. We took them to the Highlands today in some fierce weather which is supposed to continue until Saturday. We thank the Lord for safety and a great fun day for all of us. God is good!