Yes, we are still alive....

31/03/2024 13:51

I don't normally go this long between posts, but it's a sign of the times. We have been super busy and have been leaving the church at around 8:00 PM most nights for the past few weeks. Thankfully, we hit a milestone in building works on Friday as everything was finished in the creche and sanctuary so that the carpet can be installed tomorrow and Tuesday. The piano (baby digital grand) is expected to be delivered on Wednesday. We got a wonderful purchase price on the piano and the carpet is also paid for - praise the Lord.

We're tired, but God has been very good. I wasn to give a shout out to my family for their hard work. The boys have done well keeping motivated on work that isn't always fun, but was necessary. (My wife has done much work as well.) Some in our church also helped this past week which was an added blessing.

God gave us a great time with the mission team from Nolensville Road Baptist Church. They were only with us about 6 days, but God blessed their efforts to push our building work forward. They also helped in evangelism, testimonies, music and preaching. They were special days.

Today we enjoyed our Resurrection Sunday. We had 5 guests last week from our village. This week we had two guest from the United States,  Gary and Tami Neil. They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with a trip to England and Scotland. It was a joy to have them visit our church. We also enjoyed a fellowship meal after the service. 

I preached from Luke 24, on Resurrection Reactions. It's interesting to consider the roller coaster of emotion/reactions surrounding the news that Jesus tomb was empty. Tonight we are going to look at some pictures from Israel, read the story of Christ's death and resurrection and sing the Resurrection Hymns.

special prayer request: some of us our attending men's camp in Ireland starting this Thursday. I get to preach one of the session. My slot is 8:30 PM Thursday night. Please pray for all of the preachers and for God to do a great work in the hearts of the men. Thanks for your prayers and interest in God's work at SFBC and for our family.

PS. In family news - Logan and Nelson's pipe band was in a competition on Saturday and Logan participated. If you'd like to see the video it is on our church facebook page - freebaptistlothian.