13/12/2018 09:51

Yesterday I got to help out Don Dillman over in Livingston. Please pray for God's continued blessing on Almond Valley Church where the Dillmans minister. We were able to put out several hundres flyers and had one short witnessing opportunity with Jason. Please pray for God to awaken Jason's heart. After watching a documentary on genetics, he has concluded that there must be a creator. That is a great place for faith to begin!

Please also pray for the health of our family. The main need is that I would have my voice and that we won't be kept from attending church. A few of us have a cold. Thank you for your prayers!

Camp in Spain is now over. The kids will be spending a couple more days with the David Willis family before arriving back here on Saturday. As far as we know (from facebook videos etc) they are having a great time. We look forward to hearing them share everything that God has done during these days.