"You DO have a problem."

04/03/2020 11:09

I'm just back from a beautiful morning of putting out Gospel flyers in Edinburgh. I was in an area about 3 miles from our church location. Please pray for these flyers as they are going into homes where I haven't previously been. 

The only conversation I had this morning didn't really cheer me up. I handed a man a flyer and he said, "What's this?" I said, "I'm the Baptist preacher in Loanhead and it's something I've written about faith in God." His response as he handed it back, "You DO have a problem."

You know, I can't argue with him. The problem I have is that men are sinners in need of Jesus. The sad thing was that he handed back the remedy. Please pray for the Gospel to break through the sin hardened unbelieving hearts of a perverse generation who have rejected God. 

Tonight we are looking forward to a BBQ with some fellow missionaries. The Dillmans are coming over as are the Tim Peterson family from Germany. We'll make the most of this nice weather.