"You're good at what you do!"

18/10/2021 10:48

The above is my favourite quote from this morning. I had one opportunity to engage with a lady from our community. It was a short conversation as she walked past to her home. She said, "All you can do is raise your kids to be good." I said, "Well, I'm seeking to raise my kids to be godly and there is a difference." She said, "Well my kids would help anyone." I said, "I don't men this in a bad way, but a lot of people in prison would help anyone, but they made a mistake." She said, "I've got to go, but you are good at what you do!" :)

Please pray for God to work in people's hearts about coming out to church. Change is always difficult. We are re-establishing our service schedule in a new location. 

God gave me a weather window this morning and the rain set in just as I was finishing. Thank you for praying for our family and ministry.