A sweet song

14/10/2012 14:06

We had a testimony time this morning at church and it was good to have our people participate. Margaret has become a faithful attendee. She asked if she could sing a song that she wrote at a time of trial.  What a blessing. I want her to sing it while we record it. It was very Biblical and lovely. She has a lovely scottish accent. You would have been blessed to have heard it.

I preached this morning on Zacchaeus. One point that stands out to me is that Jesus went to Jericho on purpose to "seek and to save that which WAS lost."  Praise our Lord, He found Zacchaeus.  May God help us to go into evangelistic opportunities on purpose to seek and to save that which was lost.

Thanks for your faithful prayers.  This young missionary family needs them.  We need God's help in everything we do. Thanks for praying.