Back from the Isle of Skye

12/03/2017 12:56

God gave us a great time away as a family as we spent a week on the Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland. I'll soon be uploading pictures from the trip. Skye is incredibly picturesque and we constantly were "oohhhing and aaahhhing' over the rugged beautiful landscape.

Special thanks to Don and Chris Dillman and Richard and Brenda Weaver for filling in for us in our absence. 

We had a good service this morning with good attendance. I preached this morning on "When Does IT End?" (I was asking the question regarding what we are living for.) We looked at verses from Psalms that speak about "for ever."

Now, we have 3 teens a child and adult over for lunch as we have the Trust Service (The Trust is an assisted living facility) this afternoon. God's good. Thanks for praying for us in our absence.