Day 5 and Sunday

16/07/2017 12:59

God gave us a good final day of HBC. We crashed afterwards and I forgot until late last night that I had not let you know how our final day went. We had the same attendance - but the day went very well and ended the week with much thankfulness to the Lord for His goodness. It is hard to express when work and God's blessing don't translate into numbers. However, I'm sure that we had the blessing of God this past week and we thank you for your prayers.

I preached this morning Part 2 on the Primacy of the Gospel. If the Gospel is not a primary part of our lives, God's Word is clear that it needs to be. I was challenged with this truth as I preached and prepared these messages.

We are going to get some R and R (hopefully) the beginning of this next week as we get ready for round 2 of HBC starting the 24th and going through the 28th. We'd appreciate your prayers again for that ministry. Thanks for praying!

PS. God gave several good divine appointments this past week. I had a very good opportunity this morning. Please pray for the man I witnessed to that God would awaken his heart.