Getting recharged....

12/11/2013 11:51

I lost our iPod a while ago and I missed listening to messages while I was putting out flyers. The Lord helped Benson to find it recently and I was able to have that with me today. I listened to two messages preached by Morris Gleiser. One was on prayer and was a refreshing challenge.

The Lord also answered prayer in an encouraging way this morning. I mentioned recently that the Lord helped the cd player to start so that it could close. Well, after listening to that cd for a long time and not knowing how to turn it off, I tried taking it out. That caused the original problem. We tried all the buttons but no joy. I prayed about it this morning and asked the Lord to let the player eject the cd. When I started the car this morning it put it out. (I tried yesterday turning the car on and off and that didn't work.) So, thankfully this will not be a problem again.

I had two good opportunities to tell others about Jesus this morning. One was in the home of a friend of mine. We have been praying for him for quite a while. Another was with a man to whom I had briefly spoken before. The Lord helped me get a lot done. One more morning should complete Loanhead with the newest flyer. It won't be long until I am back in this area with our Christmas Carol sing flyer. So, I'm thankful to have this one nearly out. Thanks for your prayers.