Glad that God didn't call me into business....

04/05/2015 14:55

I have a brain cramp after loads of paperwork today. We did constitute the church last night. Thank you for praying. The meeting went very well. Because of constituting the church, there was paperwork to do regarding an organization that will help us do necessary background checks for those who work with children in our ministry. That is where my day started. 

After getting a couple documents filled out, I decided to jump into our visas. Thankfully, the Home Office has streamlined the process and the paperwork was much easier than last time. It was an 80 page document. Last time I filled out about 240 pages. Please pray that we will have all the supporting documents needed when we send it in. We don't anticipate any difficulties. But, we also don't want to get it wrong as there are no refunds for refused visas. 

God has given two great evangelism opportunities today despite it being a paperwork day. Please pray especially for a friend of ours who is going through a difficult time. It's an open door and we know that God can meet this need.